Goodbye from Let’s Talk. But let’s speak again soon.

Thank you Talkers, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you over the last couple of years. But now it’s time to close our doors of discussion, as behind them we prepare for some exciting new member ventures.

If Let’s Talk passed you by, sorry. You’ve missed some fascinating conversations – often heated, sometimes funny and always productive – where members shared ideas on many live business issues.

We’ve talked community, fairness, insurance, Fairtrade, Member Council, websites and loads more beside. And we’ve used what members have told us to shape thinking in our Co-op.

We’ve also learnt a whole lot from the way we’ve gone about things at Let’s Talk, and we’re using this to help us with our new plans.

Thanks again and we look forward to getting back in touch with new ways of working together with our members very soon.

Jump in, select a topic that you're interested in and Let's Talk!